Using git for package maintenaince

Sometimes I just mixed packages, got debdiffs, re-mixed and finish with a not-so-clean working directory with a lot of diffs applied and not knowing which one was what and who did what. Now, that I'm maintaining xscreensaver with Tormod (and should be maintained with more people anyway...) and that more of my packages may require attention from other people besides me I decided to start working with git on my debian packages so you can find them at my git bare repository, they're all under debian/, all of them are build with git-buildpackage tree-structure except libtorrent and rtorrent experimental-branch that are built with another args.

If you want to co-maintain some of my packages please send me your ssh-rsa key for push access, anyway you can have anonymous access too by using:

git clone git://

UPDATE: now using as suggested by Raphael Hertzog but keeping my packages in my bare-repo as well.

Any comment goes best to my twitter here.