xscreensaver pre-release for 5.08

Uploading to rivco (via scp to rivco.info):
ghostbar@rivco.info's password: 
xscreensaver_5.08-1~pre1.dsc                  100% 1766     1.7KB/s   00:00    
xscreensaver_5.08.orig.tar.gz                 100% 5338KB   1.7MB/s   00:03    
xscreensaver_5.08-1~pre1.diff.gz              100%   73KB  73.4KB/s   00:00    
xscreensaver_5.08-1~pre1_i386.deb             100%  713KB 712.7KB/s   00:00    
xscreensaver-data_5.08-1~pre1_i386.deb        100%  515KB 514.9KB/s   00:00    
xscreensaver-data-extra_5.08-1~pre1_i386.deb  100% 2588KB   2.5MB/s   00:01    
xscreensaver-gl_5.08-1~pre1_i386.deb          100% 1886KB   1.8MB/s   00:00    
xscreensaver-gl-extra_5.08-1~pre1_i386.deb    100% 1923KB   1.9MB/s   00:00    
xscreensaver_5.08-1~pre1_i386.changes         100% 5023     4.9KB/s   00:00    
Successfully uploaded packages.

I had time without using my home's dput, a pre version of xscreensaver is already up to testing, you can find the binaries here (only for i386), install (or apt-get source) them from my own repo (follow instructions in this page) or just grab it from git.

What's new? Now images rotates according to EXIF tags, more RANDR fixes, new hack photopile and rewrote some hacks as well. Try it and let me know if you have any issue :-)

Any comment goes best to my twitter here.