awesome's awful.spawn grr!

Yesterday I was trying to get some of my old keybindings (from awesome 2.x) to work on awesome 3.4 and it was awful the process.

With 2.x I worked with awful.spawn and got any bash command I wanted running. Now it changed to awful.util.spawn but if I wanted anything ran on a shell I had to use awful.util.spawn_with_shell but, at least for me, didn't worked. So I got commands like:

scrot ~/tmp/screenshots/$(date +%Y%m%d-%k%M%S).png

That one didn't ran directly. Nor my commands for volume management. So I got a workaround, used only awful.util.spawn calling scripts on my ~/bin path. So if any of you has got issues with this just put your line on a bash script file, make it executable and use a line like:

awful.key({}, "Print", function () awful.util.spawn("scriptpath") end),

BTW, don't use ~ nor any thing needs a shell, use full paths to avoid confusion and bad functioning. I used ~/bin/d/anything and didn't worked nor with awful.util.spawn_with_shell. I hope this help anyone with my same issues.

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