What's a hosting?

So, we all know the internet, right? It's supposed we are connected to a bunch of websites that... Wait, where are those websites? Where I'm getting connected to?

This is the funny part, must of the people believe there's a cyber-world like a parallel world with numbers and math-formulas. Did someone saw the movie Hackers? The bunch of building with green lines and like a bunch of boxes for saving data.

Well, that's not true, not literally. You can imagine or draw all the data that gets to your eyes in this way, but in reality is a bunch of computers connected to each other, they're millions of nodes in a net. Some of those computers not only see the data available but makes data available, serving websites or any kind of data in any other form. That's called hosting. It's called server too, obviously because it serves data.

So, your computer right now is connected to another, that shows data stored in the last one. That means, if someone shuts up a hosting, that info is no longer available to be surfed. Maybe it's available in other caches, but not is the same hosting.

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