Moving from Screen to Tmux

I've been a long-time user of GNU Screen, as almost every person I know that spend a lot of time in a terminal.

I must admit I was happy, I really was. I was used to my workflow with 4 terminals 8x25 and a bunch of screens, with several nested-screens. I used awesome-wm before, so definitely I felt I wasn't using all the space in my laptop screen (my laptop is a ThinkPad X61, so 1024x768 in a 12 inches-screen) but that was OK, after all my workflow was, well, good.

Until 2 days ago, I was told to try tmux, in fact, I was told «and why are you using screen? use tmux». As a daily-user of Screen my first reaction was «I'm used to», «I can use it as I want», and a lot of excuses for just not trying something new. But then I made a little research (on Google, of course). In about 30 minutes I ended up with a multiplexer working as I wanted and as I never got Screen to work. Finally I was using just a terminal and using all the space available in my tiny-laptop-screen and plus: saving a lot of bandwidth with my permanent SSH connection (a really big plus now that I'm living with a capped link to the net with a GSM-modem).

I changed the Ctrl-b shortcut to Ctrl-a (b is too far for using it with only one hand), configured so I could use nested tmux'es like screen when I push Ctrl-a a, activated visual monitoring and even got to use the tmux's buffer along with my X11 buffer when I press Ctrl-a >!!

It's all in my ~/.tmux.conf, use it at will. Later I will make a screencast about using tmux, so more people can get a working tmux easily.

ATM, I'm even more happy than I was with GNU Screen, so, any other recommendation, people?

Any comment goes best to my twitter here.