postinstall script on heroku with different environment than production

While trying to push a little project to Heroku based on Brunch, I ran into a difficult problem: I needed to move some files according to the environment being built, so, if it was staging should mv/cp a different set of files than if were production. I used npm's postinstall script field and everything ran OK, until I saw that it actually was copying the production files.

After digging a lot, I saw the reason: Heroku uses buildpacks and the Node.js buildpack runs npm install --production which forces NODE_ENV to be production. Not only that, it actually runs the script in an isolated shell, so all the configs you pass to heroku via heroku config:set are not available. You can customize this buildpack, so I went ahead, forked the buildpack and made a simple addition: added a REAL_ENV=staging variable to the bin/compile:46 and made the scripts that are being launched from postinstall to check REAL_ENV instead of NODE_ENV.

Why not use NODE_ENV directly? Because my tests showed my that npm install --production forces NODE_ENV and got it rewritten.

After this change, using this buildpack was pretty easy, just:

heroku config:set BUILDPACK_URL=

Done, push and get it rebuilt.

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