Starting a Raspbery Pi without a display

Recently (actually 3 weeks ago) I bought a Raspberry Pi for myself and it wasn't until today that I power it on by the first time. Call it RealLife™ for simplicity.

Anyway, one of my first issues was that I do not own any display with RCA or HDMI inputs, and all I have is a router that works as my WiFi hotspot as well. Since this starter kit comes with Raspbian by default I made some research and found that the default user:password is pi:raspberry, ssh-server is on by default and the network interface eth0 tries to grab an IP automatically via DHCP.

So starting my Raspberry Pi was as easy as connect a wire to my device and the router, then a quick nmap -sP and there it was, under the hostname raspberry my brand new raspberry.

After a ssh pi@192.168.0.X a nice raspi-conf was receiving me to start setting up my device.

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