MongoDB: $pull from an embedded document array


    db.collection.update({id: 'x'}, {$pull: {embedded_doc: {id: 'y'}}})

Queries are wrote for the mongo shell

Dot based access

If you have been using MongoDB for some time, then there are big chances that you will know the "dot-based access" on the find queries. This is the easier way to write those queries and will probably want to keep using that. Like:

    db.collection.find({id: 'x', '': 'y'})

The thing is that does not work with everything, like: Arrays of embedded documents!

Little example schema

Let's suppose the following little schema (written for Mongoose):

    A = new Schema({
      w: String,
      x: String

<span class="nx">Document</span> <span class="o">=</span> <span class="k">new</span> <span class="nx">Schema</span><span class="p">({</span>
  <span class="na">embedded_doc</span><span class="p">:</span> <span class="p">[</span><span class="nx">A</span><span class="p">]</span>
<span class="p">});</span></code></pre></figure>

The collection of Document is called documents.

Updating arrays

If the arrays are not embedded documents I can actually just use a regular update like with any other field combined with a $set and change all the array like:

    db.documents.update({_id: 'x', {$set: {array: [
      {a: 1},
      {a: 2},
      {a: 3}

And using conveniently $pull and $addToSet. But when it comes to embedded documents the history is very different. You can't make a simple $set because it will give you an error related to ModId which you can't change. So you really need to use $push, $addToSet, $pull and it's friends.

So all those you can do it as in the manual, but what if you want to make a $pull over an array of objects and w and x are not unique? Well, that's why you probably made them an embedded document! Then you have the _id and you try to use the dot notation like:

    db.documents.update({id: 'x'}, {$pull: {"": 'y'})

And it looks good, except that it wont work. You have to use the complete syntax like:

    db.documents.update({id: 'x'}, {$pull: {embedded_doc: {id: 'y'}}})

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