Using Firefox feels safer

For the last couple of years I was using Chrome, the main reasons were:

But now, all those issues are long gone and there are bigger issues to face, and one of the biggest is: privacy.

The thing is, while Chrome is a modified and branded version of Google there's a huge issue with your privacy. Specially when they require you to be logged into your Google account to install some extensions and keep you logged "syncing" your data.

They know how to avoid extensions to be usable at certain URLs and they actually do it at their Chrome Store, so it just takes a pair of seconds to know they may disable your privacy enhancing extensions on their * domains.

That kind of things makes me feel less safer using Chrome and a lot safer using Mozilla, a NGO that has shown their commitment for a free and open internet where user's rights are first.

I used to complain a lot about Firefox: slow, bloated, consuming all my memory, crashing randomly. Now it just works as it should and even better: makes me feel safe.

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