Don't trust on file uploads with postman

I have been using postman for quite a while to test requests into my day-job API, so I was confident it worked pretty nice and it was definitely very easy to use. I just saved the requests and it even handled cookies for me.

Then I had to test files. Since it worked pretty nice on the other requests I were doing, including form-data, urlencoded or multipart then when files upload failed the first thing that came to my mind was «shit, I couldn't get streams to work» and «hapi is broken» (I'm using hapi), even worst: pkgcloud doesn't takes streams. As a result, I ended up debugging for hours streams on pkgcloud and changed implementations, then checked upstreams on hapi and saw there was on .on('data', fn) being called but .on('readable') and .on('end').

«Empty streams!» I said, «of course, hapi is wrong and it's not reading the file I'm sending!». Oh boy, I was so wrong. I even filled a bug asking if the streams implementation was broken.

Then I decided to give it a try with curl and boom: worked.

«OK, curl must be corrupted, will try with wget», of course, curl must be corrupted; seems legit, right? So wget was corrupted as well it seemed, because that was working too.

Lesson: do not trust on postman. When I started writing it I was thinking don't trust postman for file uploads but now, after revisiting all it took to debug such a simple thing it's better a don't trust postman at all.

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