My keys

PGP keys

I have 4 valid OpenPGP keys at the moment, but only one in use: The stronger 4096R/0x13EC43EEB9AC8C43 is my preferred key and it's in the Debian Developer's keyring. You can grab a copy here ( or here (from this domain). Even grab one directly from Debian's LDAP with finger ghostbar/

sec   4096R/0x13EC43EEB9AC8C43 2011-10-28
Key fingerprint = D278F9C1 5E5461AA 3C1E2FCD 13EC43EE B9AC8C43

The weaker key 1024D/0x38A0AD5BCACAB118 was the one being used on Debian and now is out of use. It expired on June 7th of 2015 and I do not have a copy on my daily-use machine so please: do not use it, use 0x13EC43EEB9AC8C43 instead.

sec   1024D/0x38A0AD5BCACAB118 2006-05-03
Key fingerprint = 3E7D4267 AFD52407 2A3720AC 38A0AD5B CACAB118

The key 4096R/0xFC23BA297C4DF50D does belong to me as well but I do not use it.

sec   4096R/0xFC23BA297C4DF50D 2009-05-30
Key fingerprint = C07F9BC3 020F4F4A 1EF72110 FC23BA29 7C4DF50D

There's a new Curve25519 key 256E/0xF83933FDFC279C44 that will be my main key in the future, when Curve25519 is more accepted. There's a copy in a public pool keyserver as well.

sec   ed25519/0xF83933FDFC279C44 2016-04-06
Key fingerprint = D45A EC21 6A5D 68E0 394C  149D F839 33FD FC27 9C44

OTR keys fingerprint

d2e8e005830abbf41c8e797fcc77aca6f5e22990 fingerprint


TextSecure/Signal fingerprint

05 44 64 3d 62 02 c8 df 55 67 82 19 03 75 b8 38 da 79 05 44 31 13 eb 90 99 90 d7 ee 07 3b 5c 28 52

Just for reference, this is the old not functioning fingerprint:

05 0b 85 b1 a2 db 29 90 1d e6
d9 36 24 de e0 f9 46 0a 92 59
e5 8c 70 f9 00 49 43 69 ca cd
a6 21 6a